Hidden in the Woods - Horror Movie

Hidden in the Woods
“Hidden in The Woods” is a story of two sisters that are raised in seclusion, exposed to the torment of their abusive, drug dealing father. Once they finally agree to report him to the authorities, he proceeds to kill both officers and is locked up. However things go from bad to worse as soon as the girls have to answer to their Uncle Costello, a psychotic drug dealer, who shows up wanting his missing goods which are hidden in the woods.

Hidden in the Woods is a frightening and gory tale that deals with some really heavy stuff. The film pushes the limits, but by no means goes over the line of good taste. This can be attributed to how well the film was shot and also how well the director directs the bedlam that takes place in this movie. The movie has small girls with a dark past that grow into women who possess even more darkness in their lives, there are people getting shredded up by chainsaws, and so much more that truly makes this movie stand out.

This film of inbreeding, drugs, and killing is brought together very well by some great performers. There is certainly more than just blood and violence in “Hidden in The Woods”, there seems to be a lot of emotion and rage. All of this would not be possible without having a great group of actors. If you can get yourself to look beyond most of the blood, gore, and violence that can be hard to watch at times then you will have a creepy tale that would interest just about anyone who enjoys a good slasher movie.

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Added to my Netflix Queue, looks and sounds great.