Student Bodies - Movie

Most hardcore horror fans have a list of movies that have never had a DVD release or that have been out of print for a long time and need a re-release. Legend Films has teamed with Paramount to help shorten that list a bit. The title that I was most happy to see being released on DVD for the first time is 1982 s slasher comedy Student Bodies. This movie is like a cross between Carrie and Airplane! and predates the Scary Movie franchise by 19 years.

Student Bodies centers around the students and staff of Lamab High, as one by one they are picked off by The Breather. The Breather is a galoshes wearing killer with a bizarre choice of weapons and apparently a bad case of asthma. The movie starts out on Friday the 13th and jumps right into the action as promiscuous teens are picked off with everything from paper clips to horse head bookends and including an eggplant. There is an on screen death count just to help viewers keep track of the action and also a nifty arrow that helps viewers realize when a door is left unlocked or a window opened. My favorite moment of the show though, hands down is the breakaway to a news desk where the movie s R rating is discussed and then earned. The cast is full of campy actors who specialize in cheese and do great in keeping the bad jokes and sight gags flowing throughout the movie. There is one character named Malbert who is honestly a human cartoon. The guy is probably 7 foot tall and has to weigh less than 100 pounds. He contorts his limbs throughout the movie in ways that had me doing a double take as it didn't seem humanly possible. In the credits the actor is listed as The Stick so I have no idea of his real name.

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